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Beautiful Day
The Rays of Hope Project

You can find Sara's music on two different current CD's, or listen to her live at various events throughout Southern Alberta.



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Beautiful Day
I Turn To You listen online
Beautiful Day listen online
I Can Do All Things listen online
Love Is listen online
Look Around You listen online
Prayer listen online
Put A Song In My Heart listen online
Do Not Be Afraid listen online
Born For All listen online
Produced by Sara Folden and Bud Haycock // Recorded, mixed and mastered by Bud Haycock
Music and lyrics by Sara Folden // Arrangements by Sara Folden and Bud Haycock // Bass, electric gruitar, acoustic guitar, stell guitar, keyboard, percussion, vocals by Bud Haycock // Piano, keyboard by Silvia Hofsink // Keyboard and vocals by Sara Folden // Vocals by Barb Marchuck

The Rays of Hope Project
Lighten Up listen online
I Can Do All Things listen online
Still listen online
Music and lyrics for "Lighten Up" & "I Can Do All Things" by Sara Folden
Music and lyrics for "Still" by Gerrit Hofsink // Vocals for "Still" by Sara Folden

"This is a story that I had as a child and passed on to my little girls because it so expertly tells the message of inner beauty. The story inspired me to write a song, and I had the opportunity to perform both of them at our home church, Victory Christian Fellowship, for Mother's Day. Sit back and enjoy the story of "The Two Princesses" by Dian Layton, and "Beauty", by me!"
- Sara
The Two Princesses

Learn more and download songs from Sara's latest disc, "Beautiful Day"
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